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Keeping dog training simple

Nowadays, Dog Training has become overly complicated. Like the world of Dieting, everyone is eager to jump on the latest trends and tricks to get a “quick fix” for their pup’s behavior - I believe that there is no “wrong” method of training. But before training starts, there’s one major thing that people forget: Calming the Mind of your dog. Once you have the tools to help your dog calm their energy and instincts, then the possibilities of what you and your dog can accomplish are endless!
I’m not a “positive reinforcement” trainer, nor am I “negative.” Working with the mind, and focusing on  Mental Training is where Lucky Pup stands apart in improving the behavior of your dog.


Thank you for visiting Lucky Pup Las Vegas! Like most trainers, I’ve always had a way with dogs since I was young. In the 10 years I’ve been working with dogs, I spent 2 years of that with a hyper-focus on understanding dog psychology and behavior modification, specifically.

After mentoring with one of the most sought after trainers in Orange County, CA, I realized just how overly complicated dog training has become. I was able to truly refine my understanding of dog behavior and psychology. With 4 lessons, you too can have the well-behaved dog you’ve always wanted.



Possibilities are endless

As you're reading this website you're probably wondering what is a companion dog? Is this what I need? 
The best way to address this question is to look at dogs that you see when you're out shopping or eating. 
A companion dog is a dog you can see yourself with; anywhere that dogs are allowed your dog(s) would be there too. The dogs I've worked with do not react to stimulation or distractions like most dogs would. They do not pull on a leash, jump on guests or strangers, use every tree or bush to relieve themselves on, or lunge at people, other dogs or chase after cats.
These amazing dogs lay down when their owners are enjoying a meal or shopping. 
They ignore other dogs in public and keep their attention on their owners. 
Having control of your pups is far from impossible, all with limited commands and NO TREATS!



Monday - Friday  8AM-9PM 

Saturday-Sunday 8am -8PM

After hours appointments please call.














We have 4 dogs 2 are pit bulls and one has attacked the other 4 times. I was ready to lose it and contemplated which dog had to go or how.... We use Luckypup and if you are serious about wanting changes that last, and are willing to be consistent (I'M A SINGLE MOM RUNNING THE HOUSE..if I can work a consistent schedule to do my part anyone can!) You will notice major changes if not within the week shortly after. Best money I have ever spent and honestly I'm just grateful I took my time and looked and didn't spend the money multiple times over and then be stuck back at square one

 P.s. they didn't pay me to say this... I truly believe in the service they provide I have seen results that even my 4 year old thought was impossible.

Brooke R. 
Las Vegas, NV

Every human that meets me says that I'm the "calmest" Boston Terrier that have ever met! Here's my secret, and if you are a Las Vegas local you're going to want to listen! Whether you need standard or problematic dog training, I want you to know that I highly recommend Lucky Pup for all your needs. Some of you don't know that I, the (cutest biker dog on the planet) am almost completely deaf. Alex at Lucky Pup helped in my training since I was a wee pupper. He specializes in difficult dogs with aggression, anxiety, destructive behavior and any other difficult dog problems. He is also the Yoda of dog psychology and trained with the very best in that field. Alex has zero gimmicks and dedicates his time and expertise to improve YOUR family's quality of life with your dog. He is especially successful with rescue dogs who have traumas and dogs that have been turned down by "reputable" trainers. I'm so proud to call Alex my friend and pro-doggo trainer. Alex is my FAV and my human adores him and his training capabilities equally. He can handle ANY issues you are having. So hit him up and help improve your relationship with the doggo you LOVE.

Jean B & Cricket
Las Vegas, NV

We have had Caledonia (Callie), a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois for a little more than a month. She's a 14-month old rescue who clearly had a rough time before she came into our lives. 
When we first got her, Callie was so shy. She didn't want her head touched and she was so scared. You could just see how nervous she was all the time. After about a week she got more comfortable with us, but with that comfort came a lot of baggage. 
My partner and I would have to take turns leaving the house because she couldn't be alone. When one of us would come home, she would jump all over us. The one time we both left after having her for two weeks she chewed through the Venetian blinds. 
So, we brought people in instead. Except that Callie started barking, growling and lunging at anyone who stepped through the front door (and with chompers like that, people take notice and flee). 
And then there were the walks. Callie's head was on a constant swivel. Anything that might be a dog (bags, leaves, the breeze, bikes, anything) meant that Callie was on red alert pulling, turning into a cyclone and scratching us up as she tried to get up in our faces and let us know that she was scared. We were at our wits end. 
And then Alex came. True to form, Callie lunged, barked and growled as soon as he came through the front door for the hour long, in-home evaluation. By the end of the hour, Callie was licking him and calm. 
Tonight, for the first time in weeks, I took Callie on a walk and it wasn't a nightmare. I have hope again. No clickers, no treats, no expensive attachments. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wants results.

Sara G. 
Signal Hills, CA

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